Fibre Optic Broadband

Why Fibre?

Fibre is hundreds of times faster than your average broadband connection. Reliable and stable, it is not prone to copper cable theft and provides super-fast speeds for media streaming, downloading, telephone calls, and security system monitoring. Fibre carries more information at the same time than an ordinary copper cable, making it ideal for high load use.

Fibre is future proof. The same fibre can run your internet, your telephones, your TV services, your CCTV services, and other services that don't even exist today. We only use single-mode fibre of the highest quality. All our links are certified up to 10GB. The fibre you are using today could provide much faster speeds in the future simply by swapping out the connectors on the end of the fibre and upgrading the routers.

We offer service over the following networks:




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