Speed Tests

Speed Test Guidelines

There are many factors which can distort speed test results. Cape Connect operates on a principle of total throughput on your line, which is not always accurately portrayed by a speed test.

Should you wish to run a speed test, please note the following:

Ensure your computer is connected via an ethernet cable and NOT via Wi-Fi. Speed tests done via wifi and sent to our support team will be ignored, as a myriad of factors can skew results.

Choose a speed test service which allows ample bandwidth to their speed test servers.

Test to the closest server to your physical location. For example, if you live in Somerset West it would be better to select a Cape Town server than a Johannesburg one. The server with the shortest latency & appropriate bandwidth will yield the most accurate results.

Check that you have no other programmes or unnecessary processes running in the background, such as Windows updates, Torrents, iTunes, NetFlix, ShowMax etc. These will draw bandwidth from your available throughput while running the speed test and obscure your results. Ensure that no other devices are connected to your router via cable or wifi while testing your speed.